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Benefits of Fixed Term Investments

Investors benefit from knowing exactly how much interest they will receive year in and year out.

Fixed Terms to suit You

Term deposits, Managed Funds & High Interest Savings Accounts are a low-risk way to invest your money and earn a fixed rate of interest. They lock away your money for the time that you choose (the term), usually between one to five years. The longer the term usually the better the rate of return.

Enhanced investor Security

Terms deposits & High Interest Savings Accounts are low-risk investment options. They are protected by the Australian Government’s Financial Compensation Scheme. This guarantees to pay you up to $250,000 for deposits in the unlikely event your bank, credit union or building society fails. This guarantee applies per person and per institution.

Meet Financial Goals

Term deposits & Fixed Term Investment Funds offer a higher interest rate than 99% of standard transaction and saving accounts. Generally, the more money you put in, or the longer you invest, the higher the interest rate. In general you need a minimum amount to receive the highest rates of return, for example, $50,000.

Market beating returns

We compare Fixed Term Investments that beat the bank’s low-interest rates. Our service compares Fixed Term Funds, Term Deposits, Managed Funds & High Interest Savings Accounts from institutions that have proven track records and have consistently outperformed the markets. You will receive a free, no obligation consultation from the most suitable firm.

Fixed Term Investments offer The best LONG TERM return on investment.

Secure your financial future today by investing in a product that offers you security, peace of mind and marketing beating returns.

Why Invest In Term Deposits Or Other Fixed Term Investments?

The main benefit of opening term deposit or fixed term accounts is that they typically offer the highest interest rates of any type of savings or investment account. The rates quoted are fixed, so they won’t change for the duration of your term, meaning you’ll know exactly what you’ll earn before you invest.

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